Lukáš Hlaváček


Lukáš Hlaváček is another successor in culinary history, which, thanks to its background and rules, gave birth to the stars, such as Pohlreich, Štift or Paulus. All of them were in the same position as Lukáš is now and they became Czech culinary celebrities. 

It was Roman who brought Lukáš back "home". That is to say that Lukáš Hlaváček started 7 years ago at the Alcron Hotel alongside Lukáš Hlaváček. Then he began to gather Michelin experience, which no one in the Czech Republic has at such a scale. During each of his stints, he worked his way up to Chef de Partie or Sous Chef. Incredible humility and dexterity, otherwise it is not manageable in such a short period of time and with such a great career progression. First St. James's  Hotel and Club ***** with one Michelin star for two years. Then London again, The Ledbury with two Michelin stars and the last stint was a year spent in California in the Meadowood restaurant, which boasts three Michelin stars.

All roads of the best chefs in the Czech Republic lead from the Alcron Hotel. Lukáš Hlaváček is a young man who has more foreign Michelin experience than anyone in our country. He went through 1, 2, 3-star Michelin-starred restaurants and worked his way up from the lowest positions to the highest. That is incredible at his age. It should be mentioned that it was not the internship, but the employment that led Lukáš to the experience that is more important than anything else. He keeps a good track and establishes a brand-new spirit at the Alcron Hotel. 

At the moment, his home restaurant La Rotonde comes to life with a new day and evening menu, which is being created slowly and item by item. His handwriting is recognizable and cannot be confused. Technologically perfect cooking from the freshest ingredients, which are not imported over half the world. "The starters include artichoke or pumpkin soup, the main courses are undoubtedly dominated by game or baked celery. The offer of desserts changes every day. I introduced a daily menu of cakes. And they are not just ordinary cakes. I think the guests will be delighted. The whole menu is being changed, as well as the whole approach. With my arrival, a completely different mindset occurs in the gastronomy of the Alcron Hotel. Perfection on a plate underlined by a real story that will captivate everyone, "adds chef Lukáš Hlaváček.

The development of the Alcron Hotel through well-known chefs testifies to the fact that Lukáš Hlaváček is the successor of a really successful constellation of the best in our country. Delivery, or normal operation, is now covered and actually cooked by Lukáš, a new blood that is unseen in our little pond. Let us look forward to what will be created under the baton of the new chef at Alcron.