BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR 6 ( cake, 6cocktails, 6x3-course menu, prosecco for toast))6 000,- CZK
BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR 10 ( cake, 10cocktails, 10x3-course menu, prosecco for toast))10 000,- CZK
BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR 20 ( cake, 20cocktails, 20x3-course menu, prosecco for toast))20 000,- CZK


During the year, there are certainly many opportunities to meet friends and family, have a jolly chat and celebrate life. And birthdays are among the most popular. Hotel Alcron offers tailor-made celebration packages for 6, 10 and 20 people.

The package can be ordered online on our website or by a phone call at +420 724 364 348 or +420 222 820 000 between 10.30pm and 8pm. You can pick up your order at the Alcron Hotel on the actual day or have it delivered to your home.

Please, order packages at least 3 days in advance, mainly because of the birthday cake, which we always bake fresh just for you.

You can choose from the variants below, which you add to the basket. Then include your selection of dishes and cocktails from the menu in a note. Always enter the number of starters, main courses and desserts.

Choose from the following options for your wonderful celebration:


CELEBRATION FOR 6 (includes birthday cake, 6 cocktails from the BeBop bar, 6x 3-course menu, prosecco for a toast) ~ 6,000 CZK

CELEBRATION FOR 10 (includes birthday cake, 10 cocktails from the BeBop bar, 10x 3-course menu, prosecco for a toast) ~ 10,000 CZK

CELEBRATION FOR 20 (includes birthday cake, 20 cocktails from the BeBop bar, 20x 3-course menu, prosecco for a toast) ~ 20,000 CZK



Trout with cucumber, horseradish and nasturtium
Artichoke salad with duck breast and bread sauce
Caesar salad with roasted chicken
Daikon with Halibut and dashi

Braised beef “Svíčková“ with dumplings, creamy vegetable sauce and cranberries
Veal schnitzel with cucumber salad and potato puree
Beef braised short rib, jerusalem artichoke, crispy potato, cabbage
Salmon with confit fennel and mussel sauce with citrus
Cauliflower with brown butter, potato emulsion and shimeji

Chocolate tart
Donuts with vanilla sauce and fig leaf sugar

Be an Alchemist
Be Sorcerer
Be Prepared
Be Fragrance
Be Fit
Be Fresh
Be Unconventional